Dog walking Services in Cheltenham

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Dog walking in Cheltenham.

There is nothing better than seeing your dog happily relaxing after a great time frolicking with friends, taking in the local doggy news from the neighborhood lamp posts and getting a bit muddy. I would love to help you enjoy your happy healthy dog, knowing they have had a great time romping in the fields or the park on his own or with his friends. After a consultation about what you and your dog needs we can decide on how I will support your lifestyle best. It may be your dog needs a ball game in the local park, a lead walk or run, or a good 2 hours in the Cotswold Hills with a bunch of well matched friends, I will try my best to meet your needs.

Hom2015-10-17 09.15.39e visits to your dog or cat

If you have a puppy and are worried about leaving them all day and would like someone to let them out, feed them, play with them. You may like us to do home visits. You may have an older dog who needs medication during the day or checking on after an operation. You may have gone on holiday and left the cats at home, and would like someone to check in on them, and feed them. Whatever the circumstances we can pop in, take a photo, send you a text and reassure you of how they are doing.


Full day care

You may have a dog who has turned out not to be suited to being at home during the day, maybe they chew the kitchen floor amongst other things, bark at the cats in the garden, or howl for you and need occupying until you return. I may be able to have them and include them in my daily routine, going for walks, and relaxing at home with Ted.

Boar2015-07-18 12.37.38ding

Cotswold canine company can offer a boarding service for dogs we know well, this would include an overnight stay in our house, an early morning walk with Ted and his friends, down time during the morning then walks in the afternoon, and chill out and play time during the evening. You can go away knowing they will be safe and sound, and in a family home, receiving individual attention. You may even decide you would rather your dog stay in your home over night and have us to go in and visit them throughout the day to walk them feed them and make sure they are well. We will only have one dog or household at a time to ensure they are getting the best attention.

We can text you while you are away, and send you photos of your dog, safe, well and having fun….